Jakob Køhn

Sound enhancing wireless earbuds

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Sketches of how the earbuds could look.

Sound enhancing wireless earbuds

Listen AS · 2018 · Interaction Design

Listen AS is a startup with the goal of creating a pair of wireless earbuds that doubles as hearing aids. The idea is that a share of especially younger people with hearing impairments doesn’t want to use existing traditional hearing aids for aesthetic and/or social reasons Listen AS wants to offer improved hearing for everybody by creating hearing aids that looks like normal wireless earbuds.

My role: Designer

I worked together with another designer to secure the understanding of the target group and conducted interviews with people that had hearing impairments. The development of the different prototypes was an iterative process where we tested the prototypes with the users, gave feedback to changes, and 3D-modelled new forms. The work facilities enabled us to do rapid prototyping where a new prototype version could be quickly produced, tested and changed.

One of my main tasks in this project was interviewing people with hearing impairments, in order to understand the target group, map how existing solutions worked and how to they were experienced in use. The project consisted mainly of understanding the domain and being able to see the user’s perspective. The process of mapping the service area was a very important part in making sure that the end result could be experienced as a good solution.

Technologies and tools:

Interaction Design, User Centered Design, user testing, interviews, insight work, prototyping and Fusion 360.